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Engagement and presence in trying times

How do you keep your team engaged and in the present moment? 🤔

Try a DITLOID (a what?!) -

Flashback to the early 2000's and high school physics - for reasons that are now clear to me, one of my favourite teachers always started each class with a series of mystery letters written on the board. Each letter would represent a word in a sentence and the class wouldn't start until we could collectively guess what each letter represented. Normally the sentences would be about what we'd just covered, what we were going to learn that day, or a physics fact.

G M C T W A G T L A N T L O M = Good morning class today we are going to learn about Newton's Three Laws of Motion

This simple, fun activity had 20 rowdy teenagers glued to his every word and immediately brought everyone to attention and into the present in a way that created fun and curiosity.It's important that we remain fun, curious and in the present - see how you go with this

DITLOID HINT: One of the letters represent a country

I'll post the answer up tomorrow if no one gets it.

Until then, onward & upward, Jake

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